Luxury Apparel and Lifestyle Brand Psycho Bunny to Launch in Latin America

As a result of the growing popularity of luxury apparel and lifestyle brand Psycho Bunny, the brand is expanding into Latin America with the appointment of a new distributor and the launch of an aggressive licensing program. Neroli Group S.A. has been appointed core sportswear distributor for Psycho Bunny in Latin America, and Genius Brands International "GBI" (OTCQB: GNUS), the global licensing agent for the brand, is creating a comprehensive licensing program throughout the region with new partners across key categories. The announcements were made today by Psycho Bunny Co-Founder Robert Goldman and GBI's Global Consumer Products President Stone Newman.

The distribution agreement between Psycho Bunny and Neroli Group S.A. signals the first dedicated expansion of the brand in Latin American, bringing the upscale, irreverent Psycho Bunny stylings to consumers in Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Curacao, Aruba, Trinidad, San Andres, Turks & Caicos and San Martin.

"We are thrilled to have been chosen as Psycho Bunny's distribution partner throughout Latin America," said Símon Tarazi, Managing Director of Neroli. "Psycho Bunny's quality, dedication to detail, and the contemporary nature of its collections correspond beautifully with the demands of our market. We look forward to emulating the North American distribution efforts that have contributed to the success of the brand and are eager to establish Psycho Bunny as the leading aspirational fashion brand that luxury retailers must offer their most prestigious customers."

"Psycho Bunny's growth as a global brand is contingent upon securing the right partners -- distribution partners, retail partners, licensing partners," said Goldman. "Robert Godley and I are confident that Neroli is the right distribution partner for us in Latin America and believe Neroli will be as successful in Latin America as Fairfax and Itochu have been in expanding the Pyscho Bunny brand throughout Asia."

On the heels of the Neroli distribution announcement, GBI is launching an aggressive licensing campaign for Psycho Bunny in Latin America, focusing on forging licensing partnerships in key categories, including basics, hosiery, sleepwear, outwear, bottoms, wovens, and accessories.

"With the momentum created by Psycho Bunny's strong partnership with Neroli, ensuring the distribution of its core sportswear collection throughout Central and Sound America, we are confident that the brand will resonate with top-tier licensees, spurring an immediate expansion of the brand into other key categories and markets in Latin America," added GBI's Newman.

Psycho Bunny, working in collaboration with GBI, has attracted an impressive roster of leading manufacturers to round out its core sportswear collections through licensing. GBI recently announced a licensing partnership with top-tier accessories licensee ITOCHU Corporation, one of Japan's largest trading house as well as new Psycho Bunny licensees Leg Resource Inc. (hosiery), S3 (footwear) and JRM Accessories (headwear), all of which will be introducing products to consumers in fall 2015. Additionally, The Apparel Partnership Group, Psycho Bunny's partner for loungewear and men's basics, is entering its third season following a successful debut in spring 2014.

GBI is actively seeking partners to expand Psycho Bunny into additional product lines, including outerwear, woven shirts, bottoms, denim, bags and luggage, women's, children's, active wear, fragrance, electronics and more. The Company is also further developing the brand internationally and is in discussions with potential partners in Asia, Europe, South America and around the world.

Inspired by the 17th-century maritime marauders and secret societies such as the infamous Skull & Bones, Psycho Bunny creates timeless wardrobe essentials that couple refined English tailoring with bold American design. The brand has been built on timeless classics, wardrobe essentials, only the finest materials, meticulous design, and superior craftsmanship. Psycho Bunny redefines the classics with inimitable wit and peerless quality, giving tradition an updated edge and passionate style.

Since its creation 10 years ago, Psycho Bunny has grown from a line of upscale, irreverent ties to an expanding, international lifestyle brand, including ties, polo shirts, sport shirts, sweaters and hoodies, scarves and accessories.