Genius Brands International, Inc. “Genius Brands” (GNUS) has signed Fisher-Price, a partner of Mattel, Inc. (MAT), as global master toy partner for the Company’s all-new original CGI-animated preschool series, Rainbow Rangers, marking the first licensing

Presently in development on season one and two (104 x 11′ episodes) with broadcasters to be declared shortly, Rainbow Rangers features an all-star team of acclaimed creators that includes Rob Minkoff, Director of Disney’s Lion King, Shane Morris, who co-wrote Disney’s Frozen, together with his partner Tim Mansfield and New York Times Bestselling author and Emmy-Award nominated writer Elise Allen (Dinosaur Train, Lion Guard) who is serving as head writer and co-creator. Emmy Award-winning producer of over 5,000 episodes of children’s programming, Andy Heyward, serves as executive producer. In Addition To, key designs are created by legendary Disney alum Ruben Aquino, who designed most of the major Disney characters from Little Mermaid through to Frozen.

Rainbow Rangers is an empowering, exciting, behind-the-curtain peek at the real lives of superheroes — Earth’s First Responders. The series seamlessly blends fantasy and action-adventure with very relatable, accessible stories about friendship and saving the environment. The Rainbow Rangers — seven girls, each with her own wildly unique personality and powers — live a rainbow’s ride away in Kaleidoscopia. But whenever there’s trouble for the people, animals, or natural wonders of the Earth, the Rangers zoom into action and ride a rainbow across the sky to save the day! While watching the Rangers take on missions as huge as saving the Amazon rainforest and as small as assisting a single lonely girl, viewers learn that there are all kinds of ways to make the world a better place. And since each Ranger is so unique, the show spreads the message that when we all come together, blending all our colors of the rainbow, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.