Secret Millionaires Club

The Secret Millionaires Club empowers kids by helping them learn about
the business of life and the importance of developing healthy life habits at
an early age.

In this popular animated series, Warren Buffett acts as
a mentor to a group of kids who have international
adventures in business.

Warren Buffett
Wise Mentor to the Group

As the wise mentor and sage to the Secret Millionaires Club, Warren offers helpful insights so that our heroes can discover how to solve their own problems.

Leader of the Club

Thoughtful and sensitive, Elena is the leader of the club along with Radley. She tries to solve problems using her empathy and heart.


Radley is the true techno brain who is constantly inventing gizmos and referring to computers. His crowning achievement is his robot Starty.

Impulsive and Athletic

Jones is the impulsive athlete who prefers to take action immediately. He tends to be blunt and insensitive at times, but he is always willing to learn from his friends.

Well-Travelled Fashionista

As a fashionista who has traveled the world, Lisa is from China, and she loves photography. She is energetic, inquisitive, and artistic.

Radley's Comic Sidekick

A two-foot robot serves as the comic relief in the show. Starty is Radley’s sidekick who behaves like a spoiled little kid.