Baby Genius

Expanding the timeless appeal of its 500 songs, 125 music videos, and music-based toys features classic nursery rhymes, Baby Genius relaunched September 2015 on with fresh new designs, new entertainment, and dozens of new toddler products. In addition, a whole new library of music has been produced by music industry veterans Ron and Stefanie Fair, who have written and produced for numerous multi-award winning artists, including the Black-Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and others. Watch Baby Genius on YouTube and the Kid Genius channel on XFINITY. Click HERE to download the Baby Genius Sing Along app in iTunes.

For more than ten years, Baby Genius® has earned worldwide recognition for creating award-winning products for toddlers.

The lovable, listing, thoughtful leader

DJ is the leader of the Genius gang. He is the biggest of the group and with a heart to match, seeing the positive side of everything. He is the unifying element of the group, and the others love and admire him. DJ got his name because he likes to play tunes, and his track-scratching antics are wicked. Like all of his pals, DJ loves to dance!

The soft, sweet, and hopelessly naive elephant

Frankie is everything you'd want in an elephant friend (assuming you wanted an elephant friend). She's thoughtful, kind, warm-hearted, and sweet as cotton candy. Unfortunately, her brain is a bit like cotton candy too. With an adorably naive voice and attitude, Frankie is the heart and soul of the Genius gang. She loves to dance ballet and can stay in the air an amazingly long time!

The super star super bear

Vinko is a dreamer, and his dreams are all about being famous. He just knows he's destined to be the most awesome bear in the universe. He carries virtually everything on himself at all times. His insane dance moves include: the butt wiggle, the belly bounce, and the face tap. But don't let him breakdance because he's a much better breaker than dancer.

The cool tiger with a hot beat

In a word, Tempo is cool. He's got the beat. Tempo is a tiger of few words and often speaks in two-word sentences: "He's cool!" -- "That's hot!" -- "So smokin'!" Tempo is very Zen, in a beatnik sort of way. He plays the sax and slides his paws around the dance floor with grace. Tempo can break the laws of gravity and tap dance up the walls too!

The brainy, British banana phobic monkey

Oboe is a pedantic, didactic, erudite simian Einstein. Unfortunately, no one understands a word he says. In contrast to being a genius in all things scientific, Oboe is totally clueless in all things personal: relationships, emotions, manners… they don't register on his radar. The others try to help Oboe overcome his analytical barriers, but he comically fails at every attempt to get past his infinite neediness.

The shy bunny with a short but funny face

Don't let her cute looks fool you. Rosie is one scrappy little rabbit. Despite her tiny size, Rosie acts like she is a black belt in hop kiddo! She kicks her feet wildly as if they were deadly weapons. When it comes to music, Rosie is the real rock star of the group. She plays drums. Not just a toy drum but a full 10-piece drum set.

The feisty, in-your-face pooch

Lola is a can-do girl who is not the slightest bit intimidated by bigger kids or the toughest challenges. And boy, she's filled with energy! She loves to make up new dances that are totally off-the-wall, herky-jerky spaz attacks. She loves to sing and make up song lyrics but has an off-key howling voice. But it doesn't matter because her confidence is contagious!